Jan 232023

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The only difference between a caprice and a lifelong passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer
Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray

Nora Iuga created her title from this half-remembered quotation.

Already at the age of 67 when Iuga brought out this collection, her typical subject-matter of love and sensuality and relationships had extended to include leave-taking and death – as well as language itself. Writing has a redemptive effect, and is sometimes the only way out of despair: her ‘ballpoint pen is equal to god’.

This collection encompasses elements of surreality, captivating the reader with unexpected imagery. There is wistfulness, too, but Iuga is never bitter, and an undertone of irony is ever-present.

Nora Iuga is one of Romania’s most important, productive and original writers and translators. Her poetry in Romanian is accessible; exuberantly life-filled; sensual; sexual.

To date, Iuga has published several novels and fifteen collections of poems including the award-winning Opinii despre durere, ‘Opinions on pain’ (1980). Nora Iuga is also an acclaimed translator of over thirty books by German-language authors. In her long life she has accrued multiple awards in Germany as well as in her homeland where she has achieved national treasure status – Romania’s Grande Dame of literature.

Dangerous Caprices, excellently translated by Adam J Sorkin and Diana Manole, is published by Naked Eye Publishing. You can buy Dangerous Caprices here with free worldwide delivery from Blackwell’s.

Insightful, erotic, morbid, funny and poignant as usual…
Paul B. Roth, The Bitter Oleander Press

The poetics of opposites […] – as carnal as it is original
Jan Wagner, Georg Büchner Award winner

…sensuality of a violent intensity […] reminiscent of William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell
Mircea Cărtărescu

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