Oct 132022

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Being The One
poetry by
Sarah Littlefeather Demick

“My intention in sharing this with you is that you understand a little better. And if you understand a little better you might want to, or be able to, respond a little more confidently to people in your community who experience life in a different way from you. This is my experience. And as a reader, you are my witness.”

The poems in this collection are mainly born of the poet’s one-to-one work with people who have dementia and who typically live in social isolation or confinement. From poems that are tragic, funny, heart-rending and absurdist, describing the ‘realities’ in which Sarah’s charges live – tragic, funny, heart-rending, and absurdist – the collection moves on to poems about her own reality, emotions and spirituality, and the challenges of being the one who is seen as ‘carer’.

in her mind
time is on a loop
and it was quiet
when she asked me
the question
is he dead?
yes, i replied
is it permanent?

again, there was silence
enough to hear hair grow

Sarah Littlefeather Demick is an Ojibwa Indian who was born in Canada and raised in the UK by adoptive English parents. She lives on a farm in Cumbria.

“her poetry is completely unique – very lyrical but often unsettling”
Kim Moore writing about Sarah’s previous collection.

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