Apr 142022

You can buy Always Too Many Miles here with free worldwide delivery from Blackwell’s.

The poems in Jean Stevens’ latest collection range from long held memories: who is this girl running

towards me out of the past to present day concerns in a time of uncertainty when loved ones are far away: knowing I might never see you again, I’m deep in how it was then.

There is also regret for things missed: You should have been a sprinter, and a reflection on: the jumbled bones of the lives we used to live. 

The poem ‘2021’ takes a darker look at the present turmoil and the feeling that we are: pushing the world to hell, but there is also hope: There was mystery and longing in the ancient call to prayer which made us believe that nothing separates us from the other side, and the feeling all returning travellers have: looking ahead for the light that will bring them home.

Buy it with free delivery worldwide from Blackwell’s here.