Sue Vickerman

Sue Vickerman

Sue Vickerman

Sue Vickerman has received three Arts Council (UK) awards for her poetry, novels and short stories. An international readership follows Sue Vickerman’s online serialised life-story of ‘Suki’ – failed poet and jobbing artist’s model; ageing, single, desperate – a tale both funny and desolate. Read A small life, its sequel Two small lives, and the third volume True life nude at: And you can watch Suki’s movie shorts for free on Sue Vickerman’s Amazon author-page.

Sue Vickerman’s first poetry collection Shag (Arrowhead Press) was closely followed by The social decline of the oystercatcher (Biscuit Publishing). Shag is now published by Naked Eye. Her novel Special needs (Cinnamon Press) is a biting commentary on Englishness, snobbery, sex and identity. Meanwhile ‘Suki’ publishes under her own name, notably an illustrated poetry collection, Kunst, and a joint collection with Sue entitled Thin bones like wishbones (both by Indigo Dreams Publishing). Home is wherever Sue Vickerman hangs her hat, but her native Yorkshire in England’s rugged post-industrial north always draws her back.

Sue’s collection Adventus was published by Naked Eye in November 2017 to some acclaim.

Kim Moore

…each turned page is a door into a new and fresh surprise
John Foggin

an excellent piece of work
Steve Whittaker

a tour de force
The Yorkshire Times

Her fist two collections, Shag and The Social decline of the oystercatcher have both been reissued by Naked Eye. Her earlier poems have been described as:

“windows onto worlds where various degrees of unsatisfactoriness are revealed… The essential mode is ‘watching’ and Sue Vickerman’s gaze is uncompromising, direct and wide-ranging; her language dense and gritty, at home on the edge of things” – Linda France (editor, ‘Sixty Women Poets’, Bloodaxe Books).

“Salty, stony, fierce, loving, and sometimes sharp… Poems that will ruffle your feathers, full of acute glimpses of the underneath of things” – Julia Darling.

“Edgy, elemental, tender, they help me to understand more about what it is I’m doing, being human” – Subhadassi.

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