Oct 012019

Suki’s manager and minder, Sue Vickerman, and Bel the photographer’s assistant, Mike Kilyon, are organising a number of events in Settle, North Yorkshire, UK in October 2019 to celebrate the culmination of the Suki Project. These events were part of the Three Peaks Arts trail.

There is much to celebrate

  • Suki’s blog and all the discussions on it – sukithelifemodel.co.uk
  • Suki’s autobiographical trilogy; A Small Life, Two Small Lives and True Life Nude (the latter two parts published by Naked Eye
  • two poetry collections; Kunst and Thin Bones Like Wishbones
  • online publication of the trilogy in serialised form
  • video shorts based on each book in the trilogy
  • the Life Room project; a series of video shorts of artists and art rooms where Suki has modelled
  • and of course all the art work produced by the innumerable artists who have been inspired by Suki.

More information can be found on Suki’s website here.