Dec 022015

Oystercatcher cover squareNaked Eye has published a Kindle edition of Sue Vickerman’s second poetry collection, The social decline of the oystercatcher, following its original print edition by Biscuit Publishing (2005).

‘…passionate, laconic poetry of a distinguished kind… These poems aren’t really about birds. And yet they are. Painful, witty, loving, long-sighted – I seem to be running out of adjectives. And no wonder.’
The late U.A. Fanthorpe

‘…poems [that] remind those of us who write only in lists how much we need rhythm in our lives… A reminder of what really matters in this hectic world.’
Sandi Toksvig

‘A breathless, breath-taking collection, nature au naturel: poetry refracted in the prism of her beacon eye, as effortless as a fulmar’s flight… Birds given tongue and tangy taste… This riotous collection of colourful, heart-felt, sharply poignant, piercingly topical experience [is] a glorious achievement.’
The late Magnus Magnusson

You can purchase the Kindle edition here.

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