David Pendleton

David Pendleton

David Pendleton

David Pendleton is one of Bradford’s leading historians of sport and leisure. He is currently the editor of the Bradford Antiquary, the journal of the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society which has been in publication since 1881. David was editor of the Bradford City AFC supporters fanzine The City Gent between 1997 and 2001. During that time he appeared on national and regional radio and television. He also wrote occasional articles for local and national newspapers including The Guardian, Sport First, Telegraph & Argus and The Yorkshire Post. From its inception in 2005 to its closure in 2012 David was the curator of the bantamspast museum, the museum of Bradford City AFC at Valley Parade.

Naked Eye plans to publish David’s new book Kick Off! The start of spectator sports as the first in its Potted Theses series. Kick Off! charts and analyses the experience of Bradford in relation to the national development of sport in the modern city and how spectator sport, in particular, helped shape personal and civic identities in a bourgeoning industrial community. What book place in Bradford in the latter half of the nineteenth century was nothing less than a sporting industrial revolution, whose effects remain with us to this day.

Previous publications by David include

(with J. Dewhirst) Along the Midland Road, (Bradford: Bradford City Association Football Club, 1997)

Glorious 1911, and the golden age of Bradford City 1908-15, (Shipley: bantamspast, 2010)

Paraders, the one hundred and twenty five year history of Valley Parade, (Shipley: bantamspast, 2011)

Culture, Tourism and Residential Development: the regeneration of Bradford’s Little Germany warehouse district, in A Collection of Essays on Place, Skills and Governance in the Yorkshire and Humber Region, (Leeds: Leeds Metropolitan University, 2010)

Holidaymaking on the Edge: erosion, marginality and preservation, at Skipsea, Yorkshire, UK, in The International Journal of Tourism History, Vol. 4, No. 3, September 2012.

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