Nov 012014

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We publish concise layperson-friendly versions of PhD and other research theses to bring to a wider audience the ideas and wisdom of people whose master oeuvre may otherwise languish in eternal obscurity in an academic library. The requirements of academic rigour can make theses tedious to wade through, weighed down as they are by unwieldy chapters on methodology and statistics. The ‘potted thesis’ concept is to consign the boring bits to the footnotes, refining the text to convey the kernel of the idea and the meat of the discussion – the bits the author will tell you about at parties.

To aid readers encountering a subject for the first time, our potted theses may include a guest editor’s or the series editor’s clarifications and commentary or questions to the author.

“Settle publisher Naked Eye’s Potted Thesis series is an intelligent and innovative new venture.”

“Naked Eye’s approach gives the mainstream reader what he or she most wants: accurate history, incisive argument and engaging presentation, in the kind of divertingly bite-sized chunks which subordinate pages of turgid supporting statistics to startling revelations, and sometimes to counter-intuitive factual evidence.”
The Yorkshire Times

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