Christina Les


Christina Les has loved translating since university, and in 2012 began an MA in Translation Studies at Bangor University, graduating with distinction in 2013. During her studies she won the German-English category of Veritas University Challenge, a competition for students run by Swansea-based translation agency Veritas. She was shortlisted for the ACF (Austrian Cultural Forum) London Translation Prize in 2017.

She worked with with Naked Eye Publishing on Kathrin Schmidt’s prizewinning novel Du stirbst nicht. As a proud northerner she finds it real privilege to promote independent publishing, creative industry and cross-cultural communication in the North of England.

She has a PhD in Modern Languages from Bangor University, a MA with distinction from Bangor University in Translation Studies and a BA with first class honours in French and German from the University of Nottingham.

She currently works as a freelance language tutor for French and German. As well as corporate and private clients of all ages, she has taught extensively in Lifelong Learning.

Reviews of Christina’s translation
Her translation of Du Stirbst Nicht has been widely praised.
‘a superb English translation’
‘This moving and profound account of illness and recovery is powerfully brought to us by the translator’s confident, sensitive, and consistent rendering of Helene’s voice’
Mandy Wight, peakreads
‘Christina Les translates You’re Not Dying with sensitivity and pathos: I have long believed that empathy is one of the keys to good translation, and Les demonstrates this in bucketloads.’
‘Les has perfectly pitched this multi-layered story of extraordinary events and everyday trauma.’
Dr Helen Vassallo, Translating Women
‘I particularly liked the informal tone in places – you know a translator who uses the term faffing about does it for me!’
Lizzy’s Literary Life

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