Andreea Iulia Scridon


Andreea Iulia Scridon was born in 1997. She is a Romanian-American writer, poet and translator. Born in Romania, she immigrated with her parents to the United States as a child and grew up in Florida.
She studied Comparative Literature at King’s College London and Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. She is assistant editor at Asymptote Journal, fiction editor at the Oxford Review of Books, and contributing editor at E Ratio Poetry.

Her translation of a series of short stories by Ion D. Sîrbu, a representative of subversive writing under the communist regime, is published in 2021 with ABPress, and her co-translations with Adam J. Sorkin of the Romanian poet Traian T. Coșovei are published with Broken Sleep Books (2021).
She has a poetry pamphlet forthcoming with Broken Sleep Books and a poetry book forthcoming with MadHat Press in 2022.

Her website can be found at

Hotare, Editura Universitară, September 2021, Second Place Winner of the “Achieve a Dream” Poetry Manuscript Contest
A Romanian Poem, forthcoming with MadHat Press in March 2022
Calendars, forthcoming with Broken Sleep Books in August 2022
New Romanian Poetry: 2015 – 2020, forthcoming with MadHat Press in September 2022. Editor.
The short stories of Ion D. Sîrbu, AB Press. September, 2021
Somewhere a Blind Child, by Ion Cristofor, Naked Eye Publishing, September, 2021
Night with a Pocketful of Stones, by Traian T. Coșovei, co-translated with Adam J. Sorkin, Broken Sleep Books, November, 2021

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