Dec 012015

TSL Front Cover

The second part of Suki’s autobiographical trilogy opens a year on from the end of her long-term love-affair with Ilka. After another doomed fling with a dissatisfactory male Suki is alone again, still earning her keep as a model for a motley crew of artists, still doggedly pursuing her quest for literary success.

With lonely middle-age looming, the ongoing failure to get her novel published brings her back once again to questioning her raison d’etre. Plagued more than ever by self-doubt and loneliness, Suki’s soldierly determination wavers. Then random events, both exhilarating and calamitous, change her hoped-for future…

Suki’s creator Sue Vickerman has received three Arts Council (UK) awards for her poetry, novels and short stories. An international readership has followed Suki’s serialised trilogy which may be read at Part I, A Small Life, is additionally available in print (Cinnamon Press) from Berlin Butike here. Part III, True Life Nude, can be read online at and its print version will shortly be published by Naked Eye.

Buy a copy of Two Small Lives from Berlin Butike here or read it online here.

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