Dec 022015

Naked Eye Publishing is part of the revolution. We embody the newly levelled playing field, sidestepping the publishing establishment to produce beautiful books by and for creatives, intellectuals, art-lovers and bookworms at an affordable price, not profit-motivated. We also publish downloadable versions of all of our books, if feasible. Writers we publish do not need agents, do not have to financially invest, and do benefit from free global availability and distribution through our printing firm’s worldwide partnerships – not least Barnes and Noble, Bertrams, Gardners, Waterstones and Amazon. Using the most up-to-date print technology we publish books of old-fashioned good quality. Our key series are:

      • Poetry collections
      • ‘Potted Thesis’ series
      • New English translations of world fiction and poetry
      • Books from blogs
      • Illustrated books
        –     art
        –     photography


Naked Eye authors include
Dave Pendleton
Jean Stevens
Sue Vickerman

If you already have a track record as a creative writer, blogger or visual artist, or have got an interesting academic thesis tucked away, we will be happy to hear your book idea or proposal. With apologies to poets, we can only consider manuscripts introduced to us by a third party. As your first step, please would you complete and email to us our enquiry form. Thank you. This will receive our prompt attention and response. You can download an enquiry form here.

If you have questions or comments about anything to do with the Naked Eye venture, please contact us:

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