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Kick Off!

Kick Off!

Naked Eye plans to publish David Pendleton’s new book Kick Off! The start of spectator sports as the first in its Potted Theses series. Kick Off! charts and analyses the experience of Bradford in relation to the national development of sport in the modern city and how spectator sport, in particular, helped shape personal and […]

Driving in the Dark

Driving in the Dark

Naked Eye is pleased to publish Jean’s latest collection of poems Driving in the Dark in February 2018. The poems in Jean Stevens’ latest collection range through everything from a pub on the North York Moors on a black cloaked night, an encounter with a stranger in the dead hours in Soho and jackdaws who […]



Do Christmas and all the build-up to it affect you emotionally, whether you were brought up in a Christian background or not? As Sue writes, “Advent was at one time a dour season of prayer, fasting and penitence. For me a distinct melancholy hangs over our grey rainy islands during December’s darkening days. Some people […]

'Potted Thesis' series <i>(coming soon)</i>

‘Potted Thesis’ series (coming soon)

We publish concise layperson-friendly versions of PhD and other research theses to bring to a wider audience the ideas and wisdom of people whose master oeuvre may otherwise languish in eternal obscurity in an academic library. The requirements of academic rigour can make theses tedious to wade through, weighed down as they are by unwieldy […]



Sue Vickerman has received three Arts Council (UK) awards for her poetry, novels and short stories. Shag, the first of her four poetry collections to date, was published during the half-decade she spent living in a Scottish lighthouse. This is a new Naked Eye edition. ‘Keenly observed birds punctuate the poems in this collection – […]

<em>Two Small Lives</em>

Two Small Lives

The second part of Suki’s autobiographical trilogy opens a year on from the end of her long-term love-affair with Ilka. After another doomed fling with a dissatisfactory male Suki is alone again, still earning her keep as a model for a motley crew of artists, still doggedly pursuing her quest for literary success. With lonely […]

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